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OK 101

Highway Review:
OK 101 is the road to Sequoyah's home. Besides that, the highway doesn't have too much purpose. The highway is straight for most of its run between U.S. 59 and OK 64B, but after that, the highway is very curvy to the Arkansas state line.

Highway Information:
Distance: 23.4 miles
Counties traveled through: Sequoyah
Highway intersections: U.S. 59 (Mile 0.0), OK 64B (Mile 13.0)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 59, north of Sallisaw

OK 101 West at U.S. 59. There is no "END"
sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 101 East assurance shield just east
of U.S. 59. OK 64B is 13 miles ahead.
(Photo taken 9/26/03)
U.S. 59 North at OK 101 East. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)


OK 101 West at OK 64B South. OK 64B
connects to Muldrow and Interstate 40.
(Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 101 West as it prepares to cross
Big Lee Creek. (Photo taken 9/26/03)

Arkansas State Line, continues as AR 220

"Welcome to Arkansas" sign as OK 101
comes to an end and AR 220
begins. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
"Welcome to Oklahoma" sign as AR
220 West
ends and OK 101 West
begins. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 101 West assurance shield just
past the state line. It is only ten miles
to OK 64B, but it takes a while, due
to the ever-present curves along the
highway. (Photo taken 9/26/03)