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OK 102

Highway Review:
OK 102 connects the town of Wanette to Interstate 40, McLoud, U.S. 62, and OK 66. For several months, OK 102's northern end was at OK 66B, less than 1/4 mile north of OK 66, due to the reconstruction of OK 66. OK 102 shares two miles with Interstate 40 between exits 176 and 178.

Highway Information:
Distance: 52.9 miles
Counties traveled through: Pottawatomie, Lincoln
Highway intersections: OK 39 (Mile 1.9), OK 39 (Mile 2.1), OK 9 (Mile 21.8), Interstate 40 (Mile 29.8), Interstate 40 (Mile 31.9), OK 270 (Mile 35.6), OK 270 (Mile 35.8), U.S. 62 (Mile 39.7), OK 66 (Mile 52.8), OK 66B (temporary-Mile 52.9)
Highway duplexes: OK 39 (Miles 1.9-2.1, 0.2 miles), Interstate 40 (Miles 29.8-31.9, 2.1 miles), OK 270 (Miles 35.6-35.8, 0.2 miles)


OK 102 South comes to an end in Wanette. There is no "END" sign
at this terminus, but the road changes condition at this intersection,
so I am led to believe that this is the southern end of OK 102. (Photo
taken 7/16/03)
View of the first 1/2 mile or so of OK 102 North from the same
intersection pictured above. OK 39 is in two miles, and that is where
the first OK 102 North assurance shield is located. (Photo taken


OK 39 East/OK 102 South at OK 102 South. OK 102 will end in
two miles in Wanette. (Photo taken 7/16/03)
OK 102 North at OK 39 north of Wanette. The duplex of OK 39
and OK 102 is so short that there are no assurance signs in either
direction on the duplexed stretch. (Photo taken 7/16/03)
OK 39 West/OK 102 North at OK 102 North. (Photo taken
OK 102 South at OK 39. (Photo taken 7/16/03)
OK 102 North at OK 59B East. OK 59B connects to Macomb and
U.S. 177/OK 3W. (Photo taken 7/16/03)
OK 102 South at OK 59B East. A 4-way stop is in place at this
intersection due to steep hills on both sides of OK 59B. (Photo
taken 7/16/03)
Interstate 40 East/OK 102 South at Exit 178 - OK 102 South -
Dale/ Bethel Acres. OK 102 is not signed on its stretch with
Interstate 40. U.S. 270 and OK 3 are signed with the interstate
as well at this point. (Photo taken 12/21/03)
Interstate 40 West/OK 102 North at Exit 176-OK 102 North -
McLoud Rd. (Photo taken 12/21/03)
This was intended to be a shot of OK 270 West at OK 102 South,
but instead it ended up being OK 102 North at OK 270! This is
located in McLoud, and is the eastern end of the short duplex of
these two highways. OK 270 is located on what was once U.S.
270 before it was relocated to Interstate 40. (Photo taken 1/4/03)
OK 102 North/OK 270 West at OK 102 North in McLoud. (Photo
taken 1/4/03)

OK 66, west of Wellston

"END OK 102" sign as OK 102 North approaches OK 66. The
highway temporarily continued about 1/4 mile past OK 66 to OK
66B due to construction. This sign assembly is no longer in
(Photo taken 1/4/03)
OK 102 North at OK 66. The highway was being reconstructed
at the time of this photograph. (Photo taken 1/4/03)
"END OK 102" sign at OK 66 as OK 102 North comes to an
end. This sign assembly was installed after the reconstruction
of OK 66 was completed. Notice how odd the OK 66 sign
assembly looks. If ODOT used just one sign that had both
directions, they would've saved three signs! Typical Oklahoma...
(Photo taken 5/5/04)
View from a bit further north of the photograph above of the
beginning of OK 102 South. The sign assembly above is seen
to the left. (Photo taken 5/5/04)
OK 102 South assurance shield just south of OK 66. The
highway will cross Interstate 44 on a one-lane bridge shortly.
(Photo taken 5/5/04)
OK 66 East at OK 102 South. (Photo taken 5/5/04)
OK 66 West at OK 102 South. (Photo taken 5/5/04)
OK 102 North at its temporary northern terminus at OK 66B.
(Photo taken 1/4/03)
OK 66B/Temporary OK 66 East at OK 102 South. (Photo taken
OK 66B/Temporary OK 66 West at OK 102 South. (Photo taken