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OK 115

Highway Review:
OK 115 is an almost 60-mile long state highway that is probably best known as the road to Meers. Meers is a three-building town in southwest Oklahoma just north of the Wichita Mountains that is the home to the Meers burger joint, which uses buffalo meat and some secret recipes to make some of the best buffalo burgers I've ever tasted! Their cherry cobbler isn't too bad either!

Back to the highway, OK 115 starts out at U.S. 62 in Cache. It heads north for a few miles before it enters the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, where all OK 115 signage is stripped. The speed limit, 65 mph before entering the wildlife refuge, now falls to 45. Unsigned OK 115 heads east on unsigned OK 49 for a couple miles at the intersection where the brown guide sign points east to Interstate 44 and Lawton. Then OK 115 heads north at the brown guide sign that says "Meers-4." After leaving the wildlife refuge a couple miles north of OK 49, the OK 115 signage makes a triumphant return. Meers is just ahead and if you blink, you'll probably miss it, and you'll also miss out on one of Oklahoma's most renowned restaurants. After several curves in the road, OK 115 heads due north once again and adds OK 19 signage to it for a mile. At OK 9, OK 115 heads west for about a mile before heading north on its own in the town of Mountain View. One town, Cowden, and about fifteen miles later, OK 115 ends at OK 152.

Highway Information:
Distance: 57.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Comanche, Kiowa, Washita
Highway intersections: U.S. 62 (Mile 0.0), OK 49 (Mile 4.8), OK 49 (Mile 8.1), OK 19 (Mile 26.7), OK 19 (Mile 27.7), OK 9 (Mile 41.2), OK 9 (Mile 42.4), OK 152 (Mile 57.2)
Highway duplexes: OK 49 (Miles 4.8-8.1, 3.3 miles), OK 19 (Miles 26.7-27.7, 1.0 mile), OK 9 (Miles 41.2-42.4, 1.2 miles)

U.S. 62, Cache

"END OK 115" signage at U.S. 62 West as OK 115
concludes. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 115 South at U.S. 62 West. OK 115 is signed
as continuing straight ahead. It does continue,
but the "END" sign is located on the other side of
the overpass ahead. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 115 North begins as the ramp for U.S. 62
East departs. Direction tabs would be really
helpful here. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 115 North at U.S. 62 West. (Photo taken
OK 115 North assurance shield just north of
U.S. 62. The highway will become unsigned in
three miles when it enters the Wichita Mountains
Wildlife Refuge. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
U.S. 62 West at OK 115 - Cache. (Photo taken


OK 115 North as it enters the Wichita Mountains
Wildlife Refuge. The highway is unsigned
throughout the refuge. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
Unsigned OK 115 North at unsigned OK 49.
OK 49 and OK 115 duplex for three miles.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
Unsigned OK 49 East/OK 115 North at Jed
Johnson Rush Lake/Holy City. (Photo taken
Unsigned OK 49 East/OK 115 North at
unsigned OK 115 North. (Photo taken
OK 115 (North) assurance shield just after
the highway has left the wildlife refuge. The
highway doesn't becomes any less scenic
and winding; the highway retains a 55 mph
speed limit to OK 9. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 115 North at OK 19 West. The two
highways duplex for one mile. (Photo taken
OK 115 North/OK 19 East at OK 19 East.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 115 North at OK 9 east of Mountain View.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 115 North/OK 9 West assurance shields
just west of the eastern end of the duplex.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 9 West/OK 115 North at OK 115 North in
Mountain View. (Photo taken 5/12/04)

OK 152, Cowden Junction

"END OK 115" sign at OK 152. This intersection is
known as Cowden Junction. The town of Cowden is
located three miles south of here. (Photo taken
First OK 115 South assurance shield just south of
OK 152. The highway meets its end 57 miles later
in Cache at U.S. 62. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 152 East at OK 115 South at Cowden
Junction. (Photo taken 11/26/02)