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OK 156

Highway History:
OK 156 was once part of U.S. 77. OK 156's current southern terminus is at a Y-intersection known as Three Sands Junction. U.S. 177 once began at that intersection by heading north from there along current U.S. 77, which then went off to the east, went through Marland, then intersected U.S. 60 west of Ponca City. U.S. 177 was then realigned to go east on U.S. 60 in Tonkawa to Ponca City, then south along all of old OK 40 and part of then-OK 18 to end at U.S. 70 in Madill. The north-south section of highway between Three Sands Junction and Tonkawa was then renumbered U.S. 77, and old U.S. 77 became OK 156.

Highway Review:
OK 156 connects the current U.S. 77 south of Tonkawa to U.S. 60/U.S. 77/U.S. 177 west of Ponca City. Its existence as a U.S. highway is evident on parts of the highway, with wider shoulders and older bridges.

Highway Information:
Distance: 16.9 miles
Counties traveled through: Noble, Kay
Highway intersections: U.S. 77 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 60/77/177 (Mile 16.9)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 77, south of Tonkawa

"END OK 156" sign at U.S. 77 as OK 156 South concludes.
The road actually goes into a "Y", and the sign is located in
the middle of the two branches. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 156 North assurance shield just east of U.S. 77. The first seven
miles of the highway run east-west, before heading to the north near
Marland. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 77 North at OK 156 North. Tonkawa is about ten miles straight
ahead, while Marland is eight miles to the right (east). (Photo taken


OK 156 North as it prepares to cross the Salt Fork of the Arkansas
River. This old bridge is a remnant from the road's days as U.S.
77. (Photo taken 1/7/03)

U.S. 60/U.S. 77/U.S. 177, west of Ponca City

Somewhere in this mix of shields, there is an "END OK 156"
assembly. These three highways share 12 miles between Tonkawa
and Ponca City. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 156 North at U.S. 60 East/U.S. 77 North/U.S. 177 South. The
interchange here is a partial-cloverleaf, with all ramps to the west
of OK 156. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 156 North at U.S. 60 West/U.S. 77 South/U.S. 177 North.
(Photo taken 1/7/03)
Southbound N3290 Rd. on what is about to become OK 156.
(Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 156 South begins here, at the ramp to U.S. 60 West/U.S. 77
South/U.S. 177 North. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 156 South at U.S. 60 East/U.S. 77 North/U.S. 177 South.
Ponca City is just a few minutes to the east. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 60 East/U.S. 77 North/U.S. 177 South at OK 156 South -
Marland exit. (Photo taken 2/14/03)