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OK 165

Highway Review:
If the center of Muskogee was the center of a clock, OK 165 would be a loop from 6:00 to 3:00. It begins at U.S. 64/Business U.S. 64 in southern Muskogee, heads east to the Muskogee Turnpike, then turns to the north along the turnpike during its free section in Muskogee. OK 165 is signed east-west between U.S. 64 and the Muskogee Turnpike, and is signed north-south the rest of the way.

Highway Information:
Distance: 8.1 miles
Counties traveled through: Muskogee
Highway intersections: U.S. 64/Business U.S. 64 (Mile 0.0), Muskogee Turnpike (Mile 4.0), U.S. 62 (Mile 7.1), Muskogee Turnpike (Mile 8.1)
Highway duplexes: Muskogee Turnpike (Miles 4.0-8.1, 4.1 miles)

U.S. 64/Business U.S. 64, Muskogee

"END OK 165" signage at U.S. 64 as OK
165 West
comes to an end. U.S. 69 is less
than a mile ahead. (Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 165 West approaching Business
U.S. 64. (Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 165 West approaching U.S. 64.
This sign assembly indicates that OK
165 continues, which it does, but for
just 1/4 mile longer. (Photo taken
U.S. 64 East at OK 165. A "TO" banner is
attached to the OK 165 shield, even though
OK 165 does begin here. (Photo taken
OK 165 East at Business U.S. 64.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)


OK 165 South at OK 165 West/TO U.S.
64 - Peak Blvd. exit. The mainline
continues as the Muskogee
Turnpike. Interstate 40 is still 22
miles away. (Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 165 South at Chandler Rd./
Hancock St. exit. (Photo taken
OK 165 South at the Gibson St. exit.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 165 South at U.S. 62 East -
Ft. Gibson/Tahlequah exit. (Photo
taken 10/31/03)
OK 165 North at the U.S. 62 West -
Muskogee/Bacone College/N.S.U.
Muskogee exit. (Photo taken 10/31/03)

Hyde Park Rd. exit, Muskogee Turnpike

OK 165 North at the Hyde Park Rd./
Port of Muskogee/War Memorial Park
exit. This marks the end of OK 165 and
the beginning of the northern toll portion
of the Muskogee Turnpike. There is no
"END" sign at this terminus. (Photo taken
"Turnpike Maintenance Begins" sign as
seen from the Hyde Park Rd. off-ramp
from OK 165 North. (Photo taken
OK 165 South assurance shield just south
of Hyde Park Rd. U.S. 62 is just ahead.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)
Hyde Park Rd. west at OK 165 South/
Interstate 40. I think a "TO" banner
should be on top of the Interstate 40
shield, as the interstate is 26 miles to
the south of this interchange. (Photo
taken 10/31/03)