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OK 20

Highway History:
OK 20 once ended at OK 18 in the town of Fairfax. Since that time, OK 20 has been straightened out, and now ends a few miles south of Fairfax, and just on the other side of the Arkansas River from Ralston.

Highway Review:
OK 20 is mostly known to roadgeeks as half of the only two different states and two different state highways signed at the same time. That would be the duplex of OK 20 and AR 43 along the Oklahoma-Arkansas border. OK 20 begins at OK 18 just east of Ralston and doesn't see any towns or highways until OK 99 in Hominy, 20 miles east of OK 18. It's another 24 miles before OK 20 sees another highway, OK 11 in Skiatook. After Skiatook, however, OK 20 has left the Osage Indian Reservation, so highways become more common for its remaining 100 miles.

OK 20 shares a 3-mile duplex with U.S. 169 near Collinsville. OK 20 enters Claremore duplexed with OK 88 and also joins OK 66 for a block in downtown Claremore, home of the Will Rogers Museum and the J.M. Davis Gun Museum. OK 20 also intersects Interstate 44 just east of town. OK 20 intersects U.S. 69 in Pryor, the county seat of Mayes County. OK 82 joins OK 20 for 15 miles and the two highways wind their way near the Spavinaw Hills State Game Refuge. In Jay, OK 20 is duplexed with U.S. 59 and OK 10. Eleven miles after leaving U.S. 59 and OK 10 behind, OK 20 joins AR 43 and the two highways head north along the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line for five and a half miles. This creates the only situation in the nation where two highways from two different states are signed on the same highway. The two highways end as they cross into Missouri, and the highway becomes strictly MO 43.

Highway Information:
Distance: 143.8 miles
Counties traveled through: Osage, Tulsa, Rogers, Mayes, Delaware
Highway intersections: OK 18 (Mile 0.0), OK 99 (Mile 20.4), OK 11 (Mile 44.5), U.S. 75 (Mile 48.5), U.S. 169 (Mile 54.0), U.S. 169 (Mile 57.1), OK 88 (Mile 68.9), OK 66 (Mile 69.7), OK 66/88 (Mile 69.8), Interstate 44 (Mile 71.2), U.S. 69 (Mile 86.7), OK 82 (Mile 96.8), OK 82 (Mile 111.4), OK 28 (Mile 120.5), U.S. 59/OK 10 (Mile 125.0), OK 127 (Mile 127.1), U.S. 59/OK 10 (Mile 127.3), AR 43 (Mile 138.3)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 169 (Miles 54.0-57.1, 3.1 miles), OK 88 (Miles 68.9-69.8, 0.9 miles), OK 66 (Miles 69.7-69.8, 0.1 miles), OK 82 (Miles 96.8-111.4, 14.6 miles), U.S. 59/OK 10 (Miles 125.0-127.3, 2.3 miles), AR 43 (Miles 138.3-143.8, 5.5 miles)

OK 18, east of Ralston

West OK 20 END sign at OK 18. Ralston is just a bridge
over the Arkansas River away from this intersection. (Photo
taken 1/7/03)
OK 20 East assurance shield just east of OK 18. The
highway won't see another highway, or town, until Hominy and
OK 99 in 20 miles. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 18 South at OK 20 East near Ralston. The construction
sign is because there was some construction being done on
the bridge, which limited a few feet of it to one lane. (Photo
taken 1/7/03)


OK 20 East at OK 11 in Skiatook. OK 11 runs from U.S. 281
north of Alva to Interstate 244 in Tulsa. Although OK 11 is
signed east-west throughout its 206 miles, it runs in a mostly
north-south orientation from Pawhuska to Tulsa. (Photo
taken 2/14/03)
OK 20 East at U.S. 75 South. U.S. 75 is a 4-lane divided
highway throughout the northern half of Oklahoma. (Photo
taken 2/14/03)
OK 20 East at U.S. 75 North. For those staying on OK 20,
Collinsville is six miles away. If turning left here to get on U.S.
75 North, Bartlesville is about 25 miles away. (Photo taken
OK 20 East at U.S. 169 South, just east of Collinsville. OK
20 heads south here with U.S. 169, and the highways are
duplexed for three miles. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
Just past the overpass is the entrance to U.S. 169 North.
Officially, the eastbound lanes are not OK 20 East, but the
westbound lanes are OK 20 West. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
OK 20 East at OK 88 in Claremore. The two highways
share a short duplex.
(Photo taken 11/26/04)

OK 20 East/OK 88 South at OK 66 in downtown Claremore.
OK 20 and OK 88 head to the southwest for a very short
multiplex with OK 66.
(Photos taken 11/26/04)
OK 20 East at Interstate 44 - Will Rogers Turnpike.
(Photo taken 11/26/04)

OK 20 East at U.S. 69 in Pryor. U.S. 69 is a major north-
south thoroughfare in eastern Oklahoma, providing
connections to Durant, McAlester, Eufaula, Muskogee,
Vinita, and Miami. (Top photo taken 9/4/03, bottom
photo taken 11/26/04)
OK 20 East as it crosses Lake Hudson near Salina.
(Photo taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 East at OK 82 in Salina. OK 20 turns to the left here
and is duplexed with OK 82 for the next 15 miles. (Photo
taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 West/OK 82 South at OK 20 West in Salina.
(Photo taken 11/26/04)
OK 20 East/OK 82 North assurance shields just north of
their merge in Salina. The next 15 miles are full of hills and
curves. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
An example of some of the scenery seen on OK 20 East/
OK 82 North. It is difficult to maintain good speed during
this stretch. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 East/OK 82 North at their split north of Spavinaw.
(Photo taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 East at OK 28 West. OK 28 connects U.S. 169
near Delaware (the town, not the state) with OK 66, U.S.
69, and OK 20 along its route. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 East at U.S. 59/OK 10 west of Jay. The three
highways remain joined through the Delaware County Seat.
(Photo taken 9/4/03)
U.S. 59/OK 10 North/OK 20 East at OK 127 East in Jay.
OK 127 connects back to U.S. 59/OK 10 five miles to the
north. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
U.S. 59/OK 10 North/OK 20 East at OK 20 East. (Photo
taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 East at AR 43. OK 20 turns to the left (north) and is
duplexed with AR 43 for its final five miles. There is a sign
goof present here, and that is the right shield. MO 43
doesn't begin for another five miles to the north of this
intersection. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
OK 20 East/MO 43 North assurance shields just north of
the intersection pictured above. Once again, MO 43 is
signed here instead of AR 43. But in five miles, this highway
will become MO 43 for good. (Photo taken 9/4/03)

Missouri State Line, continues as MO-43

MO 43 North assurance shield at the state line. There is no
"END" sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
"Welcome to Missouri" sign just past the MO 43 shield.
Now we are officially on MO 43 North. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
"Welcome to Oklahoma" signage and OK 20 West/AR
43 South
assurance shields as the highways enter the
Sooner State. OK 20/AR 43 make a slight jog to the west
just ahead, meaning that for a little bit, AR 43 runs solely
in Oklahoma. Yet another oddity on this unusual stretch
of highway. (Photo taken 9/4/03)