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OK 24

Highway Review:
OK 24 connects OK 74 north of Maysville to, well, OK 74 north of Washington. It is a turn-filled, hilly, and narrow 2-lane highway. OK 24 goes through just one town, Washington. Several turns and stops are made to continue on the highway; I can count five of them just looking at the map. It has one multiplex with OK 59 for less than a mile with a 4-way stop at the southern intersection for westbound OK 59. Its first two miles west of OK 74 run east-west along the McClain-Garvin county line.

Highway Information:
Distance: 21.3 miles
Counties traveled through: McClain
Highway intersections: OK 74 (Mile 0.0), OK 59 (Mile 6.1), OK 59 (Mile 7.1),  OK 39 (Mile 16.1), OK 74 (Mile 21.3)
Highway duplexes: OK 59 (Miles 6.1-7.1, 1.0 mile)

OK 74, north of Maysville

"END OK 24" sign as OK 24 South comes to an end.
The highway, signed north-south, is heading east at
this location. (Photo taken 9/6/02)


OK 24 South/OK 59 West at their southern split. This
ends the short duplex of the two state highways. (Photo
taken 9/6/02)
OK 24 South at OK 59. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 24 South at OK 39 east of Dibble. (Photo
taken 9/6/02)
OK 24 South as it prepares to make another turn just
 south of Washington. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 24 South direction sign north of Washington.
Washington is less than a mile from this location. (Photo
taken 9/6/02)

OK 74, north of Washington

"END OK 24" and OK 74 signage as OK 24 North ends.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 74 South at OK 24. OK 74 turns off the mainline
highway as OK 24 heads towards Washington. The first
southbound OK 24 shield is also visible in the background.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)