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Terminus Gallery

OK 251A

Highway Review:
OK 251A connects OK 16 in Okay to OK 80 near Fort Gibson Lake.

But why is it called OK 251A?! There never was and never has been an OK 251! This highway should be called either OK 80B or OK 16A.

Highway Information:
Distance: 6.1 miles
Counties traveled through: Wagoner, Cherokee
Highway intersections: OK 16 (Mile 0.0), OK 80 (Mile 6.1)
Highway duplexes: None

OK 16, Okay

"OK 251A END" sign at OK 16 as OK 251A West comes
to an end in Okay, OK. OK? (Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 251A East assurance shield just north of OK 16.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 16 South at OK 251A East in Okay. (Photo taken

OK 80, Fort Gibson Lake

"END OK 251A" sign at OK 80 as OK 251A East
concludes. OK 80 travelers who do not want to go on
OK 251A must make a sharp turn at this
intersection to continue on OK 80. (Photo taken
OK 251A West assurance shield just north of OK
80. The highway will end in six miles. (Photo taken
OK 80 North at OK 251A West. (Photo taken
View of the Fort Gibson Dam near OK 251A's
eastern terminus. OK 251A runs across the top of
the dam. (Photo taken 9/26/03)