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OK 270

Highway Review:
OK 270 runs along part of what was once U.S. 270 between U.S. 62 in Harrah and U.S. 177 north of Shawnee. The change occurred when the U.S. 270 designation was moved south a few miles to Interstate 40. A few errant U.S. 270 shields are still present, however, around the western terminus. The western terminus end sign says "END U.S. 270," for example. The highway is signed east-west for most of its journey, but its first four miles are signed north-south.

Highway Information:
Distance: 14.4 miles
Counties traveled through: Oklahoma, Pottawatomie
Highway intersections: U.S. 62 (Mile 0.0), OK 102 (Mile 7.7), OK 102 (Mile 7.9), U.S. 177 (Mile 14.4)
Highway duplexes: OK 102 (Miles 7.7-7.9, 0.2 miles)

U.S. 62, Harrah

"END U.S. 270" sign (should be OK 270) at U.S. 62 in
Harrah as OK 270 West comes to an end. The old U.S.
270 didn't end here either. Its western end is in Liberal,
Kansas. (Photo taken 1/4/03)
OK 270 South assurance shield about a mile south of
U.S. 62. The highway is signed north-south for its
first four miles.
(Photo taken 9/21/04)
U.S. 62 East at OK 270 East. Again, the highway is
signed U.S. 270 here. At one time, U.S. 270 did
continue here, but the federal highway now runs along
Interstate 40, which is about nine miles to the south.
(Photo taken 9/21/04)


OK 270 turns from east-west to north-south at this
stoplight in south Harrah. The cross street here is
S.E. 29th St., which was once OK 3 in this area.
This looks at the intersection from OK 270 South. After
turning left here, the highway becomes OK 270 East.
(Photo taken 9/21/04)
View from OK 270 West at the same intersection.
(Photo taken 1/4/03)
OK 270 West/OK 102 North at OK 102 North in McLoud.
This ends the short duplex of the two state highways.
(Photo taken 1/4/03)

U.S. 177, north of Shawnee

"END OK 270" sign as OK 270 East approaches U.S.
177. The current U.S. 270 is located along Interstate 40,
about 1/2 mile south of this intersection. (Photo taken
OK 270 East at U.S. 177. U.S. 177 is a 4-lane divided
highway from here on south to Tecumseh. (Photo taken
OK 270 West assurance shield just west of U.S. 177.
The highway will see McLoud and OK 102 in less than
seven miles, and its end in about 14 miles. (Photo taken
U.S. 177 North at OK 270 West. The divided highway
section of U.S. 177 ends here for northbound travelers.
(Photo taken 1/4/03)
At the end of the exit ramp off Interstate 40 East, signs
pointing towards U.S. 177 North also make mention of
OK 270. I'm sure at one time the sign said "TO U.S. 270"
but now it is just a mention to a state highway. (Photo
taken 1/4/03)