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Terminus Gallery

OK 37 (North)

Highway History:
OK 37 has had the same route since at least 1953. However, there was once an OK 37A that ran along S.W. 119th St. in rural Oklahoma City and went from the Oklahoma/Canadian County Line to U.S. 62/U.S. 277.

Also, OK 37's eastern terminus was once at a state highway. Until the early 1990s, OK 77H ran along Sunnylane Road. The OK 77H designation was then moved a mile east to Sooner Road, and OK 37 was not extended east to the new OK 77H, so the highway now ends at an otherwise regular intersection in southeast Moore.

Highway Review:
OK 37 connects U.S. 281 in Hinton to the south Oklahoma City suburb of Moore. It is 2-lane for most of its journey. It joins OK 152 in the town of Cogar and the highways are co-signed for 11 miles, then OK 37 joins U.S. 81 for about a mile before going off on its own in Minco. OK 37 then heads east and widens to 4 lanes after going through Tuttle. OK 37 joins Interstate 44 for three miles, then it exits off and heads east along SW 134th St. in south Oklahoma City. Four and a half miles later the highway enters Moore, and crosses Interstate 35. Although not signed from Interstate 35, the highway continues east for almost three miles and ends at the intersection of SE 4th St. (which is the same as SW 134th St. in Oklahoma City) and Sunnylane Rd. in Moore. If the highway was extended just one more mile, it would actually end at a state highway, as OK 77H runs along Sooner Rd. a mile east of Sunnylane.

Highway Information:
Distance: 65.6 miles
Counties traveled through: Caddo, Canadian, Grady, McClain, Cleveland
Highway Intersections: U.S. 281/OK 8 (Mile 0.0), OK 152 (Mile 21.2), U.S. 81/OK 152 (Mile 31.9), U.S. 81 (Mile 33.5), OK 92 (Mile 41.7), OK 4 (Mile 47.0), OK 76 (Mile 51.0), Interstate 44 (Mile 54.4), Interstate 44 (Mile 56.9), Interstate 35 (Mile 62.8)
Highway Duplexes: OK 152 (Miles 21.2-31.9, 10.7 miles), U.S. 81 (Miles 31.9-33.5-1.6 miles), Interstate 44 (Miles 54.4-56.9, 2.5 miles)

U.S. 281/OK 8, Hinton

"END OK 37" sign at U.S. 281/OK 8 in Hinton. U.S. 281/OK 8
intersect Interstate 40 about four miles north of this intersection.
(Photo taken 11/26/02)
U.S. 281/OK 8 North at OK 37 East in Hinton. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 37 East shield just east of U.S. 281/OK 8. The highway makes
several 90-degree turns during its first 21 mile stretch between the
western terminus and OK 152. (Photo taken 11/26/02)


OK 37 East at OK 152 in Cogar. These two highways are joined for
11 miles before splitting at U.S. 81. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 37/OK 152 East shields just east of the intersection pictured above.
(Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 37/OK 152 East at U.S. 81. OK 37 heads to the right and OK 152 heads
to the left. Signs indicating this are located at the approach to this intersection.
(Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 37 West at OK 92 (S) in Tuttle. This is the northern terminus of the
southern OK 92. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
OK 37 East approaching OK 4. Notice the unusual directional sign
underneath the OK 4 shield. There is one on westbound OK 37 as well.
(Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 37 East at OK 4 east of Tuttle. OK 4 connects Interstate 44 and
the H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur to Mustang, Yukon, and Piedmont. (Photo taken
OK 37 West at OK 4. At the time of this picture, this was the southern
terminus of OK 4. The stoplights were not functioning, hence the stop
signs; I just happened to take a picture while the light is red. So the truck in
front of me is not running the red light - it had stopped. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
Another view of OK 37 West at OK 4, taken six months later. Notice
that both directions are now OK 4. The highway between Interstate 44 and OK
37 was completed in October 2002 and was signed OK 4 in March 2003.
(Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 37 East at OK 76 between Tuttle and Interstate 44. This also serves as the
northern terminus of OK 76. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
OK 37 West at OK 76. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
OK 37 East at Interstate 44/U.S. 62 near Newcastle. OK 37 traffic merges with
Interstate 44 at this trumpet interchange. (Photo taken 2/20/03)
Interstate 44/U.S. 62/OK 37 West at Exit 108-OK 37 West near Newcastle.
(Photo taken 10/4/02)
West Interstate 44, U.S. 62, and OK 37 shields just south of Exit 110.
(Photo taken 10/4/02)
Interstate 44/OK 37 East at Exit 110 - OK 37 East. OK 37 ends its time with
Interstate 44 here if you're heading eastbound. Once again, notice the old OK
37 shield on the sign. (Photo taken 8/24/02)

Sunnylane Rd., Moore

"END OK 37" sign as the highway approaches the stoplight at Sunnylane
Rd. On the other side of Sunnylane lies Oklahoma City's city limits. (Photo
taken 1/31/03)
The first OK 37 West assurance shield just west of the stoplight at
Sunnylane Rd. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
Sunnylane Rd. North at OK 37 West along the Moore/Oklahoma City
line. Notice the old OK 37 shield. The signage is a relic from the time
that OK 77H ran along Sunnylane, which wasn't that long ago.  (Photo
taken 1/31/03)