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Highway History:
OK 3A was once known as OK 66A, when U.S. 66 ran along the current Interstate 44 route in northwest Oklahoma City. After Interstate 44 was extended west in the early 1980s, OK 66A changed to OK 3A.

Highway Review:
OK 3A is a short connector highway in northwest Oklahoma City that connects OK 3 and OK 74 (the Lake Hefner Parkway) to Interstate 44, near Penn Square Mall and the Belle Isle Bridge. The highway also has an interchange at May Ave. The Northwest Expressway was planned to be built first as a parkway, then as a freeway, but it never came to fruition, which is the reason for the exits at May. However, there are no acceleration or deceleration lanes present, so be watchful of merging traffic which is supposed to yield

Highway Information:
Distance: 2.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Oklahoma
Highway intersections: OK 3/74 (Mile 0.0), Interstate 44/OK 66 (Mile 2.2)
Highway duplexes: None

OK 3/74, Oklahoma City

OK 3 West assurance shield/END OK 3A sign just west of OK 74. OK 3 and
OK 3A are both part of the Northwest Expressway, a major thoroughfare for
thousands of people in Oklahoma City. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
Final OK 3A West assurance shield just before Interstate 44. The first
eastbound assurance shield (shown closer up a little bit later on this page)
is located at about the same location in the other direction. (Photo taken
OK 3A West approaching OK 74 North in Oklahoma City. Notice the very
faded Interstate 44 shield. The interstate is located about two miles south of
this interchange. The Interstate 44 shield has probably been there since this
part of the highway was Interstate 240 in the 1970s. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 3A West at OK 3 East/OK 74 South in Oklahoma City. The end sign is
actually located just ahead, near the Circuit City in the distance. (Photo
taken 1/31/03)
OK 3 East approaching OK 3A East/OK 74 South. Yet another faded
Interstate 44 shield is present here. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 3 East at OK 3 East/OK 74 South in Oklahoma City. OK 3 joins OK 74
for its final couple of miles, and OK 3A begins straight ahead. (Photo taken
After leaving OK 3 behind on the other side of the overpass, OK 3A East
begins as OK 74 Northbound traffic departs the Northwest Expressway.
(Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 3A East assurance shield just east of OK 74. The highway ends just two
miles later at Interstate 44. The buildings seen in several pictures from OK 3
and OK 3A East are in the Baptist Medical Center complex of medical
offices. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 74 North/OK 3 West at OK 3/3A exit in Oklahoma City. (Photo taken
After squinting your eyes a little bit, you can see that this is the exit from OK
74 South
to OK 3/3A. (Photo taken 11/6/02)

Interstate 44, Oklahoma City

"END OK 3A" sign on OK 3A East just after the Interstate 44 West ramp
and just before the Interstate 44 East ramp. This is one of just two times
where the "A" in OK 3A is smaller than the "3." (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 3A East at Interstate 44 West exit in Oklahoma City. The end sign is
barely visible in the distance just before the stoplight and the Interstate 44
bridge. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 3A East at Interstate 44 East exit. The ramp loops around in an oval
shape (instead of a more circular shape) and merges with Interstate 44
at the western beginning of the Belle Isle Bridge, named after the Belle
Isle power plant that stood near this interchange until just a few years
ago. Now, a large shopping complex stands in its old place. (Photo taken
Due to the Belle Isle Bridge and the proximity of the surrounding roads,
traffic wanting to access OK 3A from Interstate 44 East exits here, at Exit
125A, for Penn Ave., which leads to the Northwest Expressway about a
mile to the north. (Photo taken 11/6/02)
Interstate 44 West at Exit 125C-OK 3A-Northwest Expressway. Penn
Square Mall is visible straight ahead, and a part of the Wal-Mart
Supercenter at Belle Isle Station is visible to the right. (Photo taken