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OK 412A

Highway History:
Before U.S. 412 took over the road at OK 412A's northern terminus (then Scenic U.S. 412 followed after the completion of the Cherokee Turnpike), OK 33 was signed along the current Scenic U.S. 412. OK 412A was then signed as OK 33C.

Highway Review:
OK 412A is one of those highways that an average Joe (or Joanne) on Scenic U.S. 412 may not even know of its existence. There are absolutely no signs from Scenic U.S. 412 for OK 412A. But once you go south on the road at the Conoco in Fair Oaks, you are on OK 412A. The highway is a three-mile long connection to the town of Oaks.

Highway Information:
Distance: 3.0 miles
Counties traveled through: Delaware
Highway intersections: Scenic U.S. 412 (Mile 3.0)
Highway duplexes: None


"END OK 412A" sign as OK 412A South
comes to an end in Oaks. The official car
is in the background. Just behind the
car is Cherokee County. (Photo
taken 9/4/03)
OK 412A North begins in Oaks. Scenic
U.S. 412 is three miles ahead. (Photo
taken 9/4/03)


OK 412A (South) assurance shield just
north of Oaks. This is the only southbound
assurance shield (besides the "END"
sign). (Photo taken 9/4/03)

Scenic U.S. 412, Twin Oaks

"North OK 412A END" signage at Scenic
U.S. 412. (Photo taken 9/4/03)
Here is OK 412A summed up in one sign.
Oaks is three miles ahead, according to
this mileage sign on OK 412A South just
south of Scenic U.S. 412. (Photo taken