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OK 47

Highway Review:
During its 95 miles, OK 47 goes through just three towns: Reydon, Cheyenne, and Thomas. It goes through no towns in its final 75 miles, and barely skirts the western edge of Thomas at its eastern terminus. OK 47 also has a loop route, OK 47A, that goes to the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site near Cheyenne.

Highway Information:
Distance: 94.6 miles
Counties traveled through: Roger Mills, Dewey, Custer
Highway intersections: OK 30 (Mile 4.2), OK 30 (Mile 7.1), OK 47A (Mile 18.4), OK 47A (Mile 19.9), U.S. 283 (Mile 20.8), OK 33 (Mile 25.4), U.S. 283/OK 33 (Mile 33.4), OK 34 (Mile 54.5), U.S. 183 (Mile 76.8), U.S. 183 (Mile 81.8), OK 33 (Mile 94.6)
Highway duplexes: OK 30 (Miles 4.2-7.1, 2.9 miles), U.S. 283 (Miles 20.8-33.4, 12.6 miles), OK 33 (Miles 25.4-33.4, 8.0 miles), U.S. 183 (Miles 76.8-81.8, 5.0 miles)

Texas State Line, continues as FM 2124

FM 2124 (West) assurance shield
just past the state line. There is no
"Welcome to Texas" sign present, and
there is no "END" sign at this terminus.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
"Welcome to Oklahoma" sign as
FM 2124 East ends and OK 47 East
begins. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 47 East assurance shield just
east of the state line. OK 30 is four
miles ahead. (Photo taken 5/6/04)


OK 47 East at OK 30 in Reydon. This
marks the western end of the 3-mile
duplex of OK 30 and OK 47. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)
OK 47 East at OK 30 North. This
provides another opportunity to
continue on OK 47. (Photo taken
OK 30 North/OK 47 West at OK
47 West in Reydon. (Photo taken
OK 47 West/OK 30 North assurance
shields southeast of Reydon. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)
OK 47 West at OK 30 South.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 47 West at OK 47A East. OK
47A connects to OK 47 at both
ends and provides access to the
Washita Battlefield National
Historic Site. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 47 West at OK 47A West.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
U.S. 283 South/OK 47 West at OK
47 West in Cheyenne. The two
highways share a 13-mile duplex.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)

OK 33, Thomas

"END OK 47" sign at OK 33 as OK 47
comes to an end. (Photo taken

OK 47 West assurance shields
just north of OK 33. The top photo
shows the first assurance shield,
while the bottom photo shows the
second assurance shield just north
of the connector road between OK
33 West and OK 47. (Photos taken
OK 33 West at OK 47 West. OK
47 is actually just to the west of this
road; the road the sign leads to is
just a connector. (Photo taken 4/9/04)
View from the end of the connector
road at OK 47 West. Turning left will
put you onto OK 47 East for about
five seconds before the OK 33
intersection. (Photo taken 4/9/04)