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Terminus Gallery

OK 4 (West)

Highway History:
In 1953, there was only one OK 4, and it only went as far south as U.S. 66 in Yukon. Besides that, the highway ran along the same route as it does today from U.S. 66 to Piedmont.

Highway Review:
OK 4 is a mostly 4-lane highway connecting the west Oklahoma City suburbs of Piedmont, Yukon, Mustang, and Tuttle. Until the completion of the South Canadian River bridge in late 2001, OK 4 had its southern terminus at its intersection with OK 152 in Mustang. Now the highway is co-signed with OK 152 for a mile and then OK 4 breaks off again and continues heading south to the Tuttle area. OK 4 is also co-signed with OK 66 for about 1/4 mile in Yukon. Construction on OK 4 between Interstate 44 and OK 37 was completed in October 2002, but the highway wasn't signed on that section until March 2003.

Highway Information:
Distance: 29.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Grady, Canadian
Highway intersections: Interstate 44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur (Mile 0.0), OK 37 (Mile 4.0), OK 152 (Mile 9.6), OK 152 (Mile 10.6), Interstate 40 (Mile 16.1), OK 66 (Mile 19.2), OK 66 (Mile 19.5), OK 3 (Mile 26.2)
Highway duplexes: OK 152 (Miles 9.6-10.6, 1.0 mile), OK 66 (Miles 19.2-19.5, 0.3 miles)

Interstate 44, Newcastle

Perspective from OK 4 South:

OK 4 South approaching Interstate 44-2 miles. The last chance to turn off
the highway before tolls is in 1/2 mile. (Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 4 South at Interstate 44 West. The toll plaza for Interstate 44 is just a
couple miles south of this interchange. (Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 4 South at Interstate 44 East. I have no idea what the green out and
extra space is for. Maybe an "END OK 4" sign? At the time of this
photograph, there was no end sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 4/11/03)

Perspective from H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur West:

H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur West at Interstate 44 East - Oklahoma City
exit. Even though OK 4 is signed here, it wasn't actually signed between
here and OK 37 until two months after this picture was taken. (Photo
taken 1/31/03)
The H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur (also known as the Norman Spur) ends
with the exit for Interstate 44 West. The road continues as a 4-lane
divided highway for another 1/2 mile before narrowing to two lanes.
(Photo taken 1/31/03)

Perspective from Interstate 44 East:

Interstate 44 East approaching the H.E. Bailey Spur - 1 mile,
and OK 4 - 1 1/4 miles. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
Interstate 44 East at the H.E. Bailey Spur exit. This exit is a standard
cloverleaf built in 2001 for the new turnpike spur which connects
Interstate 44 to OK 9 north of Blanchard, providing access to Norman
and points beyond. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
And finally, Interstate 44 East at OK 4 North exit. (Photo taken 11/22/02)

Perspective from Interstate 44 West:

Interstate 44 West approaching OK 4 - 1 mile. At the time this photo was
taken, construction was still underway on OK 4. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
View of the same gantry over a month later. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
Interstate 44 West at OK 4 exit (unmarked Exit 99). (Photo taken
View of the same gantry a month later without the cities covered up. It
also appears that the sign has been replaced with one for three control
cities; the one above looks like it has room for only two. (Photo taken

OK 37, Tuttle

Perspective from OK 4 North:

View of the widening from then-future OK 4 North. OK 37 is
approaching in about 1/2 mile. The highway from here southward to
1/2 mile north of Interstate 44 is 2-laned. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
About five months later, the first northbound assurance shield is located
at about the same spot where OK 4 widens to four lanes (plus a middle
turn lane). (Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 4 North at OK 37. (Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 4 North assurance shield just north of OK 37. The highway will enter
Mustang and join OK 152 in less than six miles. (Photo taken 1/31/03)

Perspective from OK 4 South:

"END OK 4" sign as OK 4 South came to an end. For about 1 1/2 years,
OK 4 ended at this intersection. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
The construction of the southward extension of OK 4 can be seen in
this picture as taken from its then-southern terminus at OK 37. The
highway now ends at Interstate 44. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
A view of the construction from OK 4 South three months later. The road
itself is now complete to Interstate 44. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
Same "END OK 4" sign as above, seen five months later. Construction
was still going on, but the road was almost complete. OK 4 would finally
be signed between here and Interstate 44 in March 2003. (Photo taken
Same spot as before, but now OK 4 continues straight ahead instead of
ending here. It now continues for four more miles to Interstate 44. But the
new southern terminus does not have an "END OK 4" sign! (Photo taken
OK 4 South assurance shield just south of OK 37. (Photo taken 4/11/03)

Perspective from OK 37 West:

OK 37 West at OK 4. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
Several months later, OK 4 had been extended down to Interstate 44, so
now the directional signage indicates that both directions are OK 4. (Photo
taken 4/11/03)

Perspective from OK 37 East:

OK 37 East approaching OK 4. For some reason, both directions of OK 37
have this unusual T directional sign below the "JCT OK 4" signage. (Photo
taken 4/11/03)
OK 37 East at OK 4. OK 37 will intersect OK 76 at that highway's northern
terminus in four miles. (Photo taken 4/11/03)


OK 4 South on the South Canadian River bridge. The bridge was completed
in late 2001 and provides a connection between Mustang to the north and
Tuttle to the south. Before the bridge was completed, one would have to cross
the river on U.S. 81 or Interstate 44, both about 10 miles out of the way. (Photo
taken 8/24/02)
OK 4 North at OK 152 in Mustang. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 South/OK 152 East at the OK 4 split in Mustang. Traffic on OK 152 used
to be able to go through this intersection without stopping for a light, but with the
extension of OK 4, there is now a stoplight present here. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
OK 152 East/OK 4 North shields just west of OK 4 in Mustang. The two highways
now have one mile of road together in the fast-growing Oklahoma City suburb.
Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 North/OK 152 West at OK 4 in Mustang. The "JCT OK 4" sign
approaching this intersection is still there, even though it is no longer necessary
with the extension of OK 4 southward to OK 37 and Interstate 44. (Photo taken
Another view of OK 4 North/OK 152 West at OK 4 North in Mustang. The
aforementioned "JCT OK 4" sign that is no longer needed was still there when I
was in the area. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 South at OK 152 in Mustang. This is the former southern terminus of OK 4.
Now, traffic for OK 4 turns left here and joins OK 152 for a mile before splitting
at the intersection pictured above this one. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
OK 4 North at S.W. 15th St. between Mustang and Yukon. The Kilpatrick Turnpike
begins about 2/3 mile east of this intersection, thus the mention of the turnpike is
made. (Photo taken 11/13/02)
OK 4 North at Interstate 40 East in Yukon. The area south of the interstate has
been the site of much development in recent years, with several strip malls and
other businesses being built. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 North at Interstate 40 West in Yukon. This interchange is located 1/2 mile
to the west of the Kilpatrick Turnpike. The two exits share some ramps off the
interstate. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 North at OK 66 East in Yukon. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 North at OK 66 West in Yukon. OK 4 heads to the west here for about
1/4 mile before splitting from OK 66. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 South/OK 66 East at the OK 4 South splitoff in Yukon. (Photo taken
OK 4 North/OK 66 West at OK 4 North in Yukon. OK 4 between here and OK 3
is 2-laned with a 45 mph speed limit. The next highway junction is OK 3, seven
miles to the north. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 South at its intersection with OK 66 in Yukon. OK 4 is multiplexed with OK
66 for only about 1/4 mile, then OK 4 splits off again heading towards the
southeast. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
OK 4 North at OK 3. OK 3 is Oklahoma's longest state highway at over 600 miles.
It starts at the Colorado State Line in the panhandle and goes all the way to the
far southeast corner of Oklahoma. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 4 South at OK 3 south of Piedmont. This is the first (or final, depending on
direction of travel) highway intersection on OK 4. There is a 4-way stop present
at this intersection. (Photo taken 8/24/02)

Edmond Rd., Piedmont

"END" sign on OK 4 North at Edmond Rd. in Piedmont. (Photo taken