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OK 55

Highway Review:
OK 55 is a highway connecting OK 34 in Carter with OK 54 near Lake Valley. It shares a six-mile stretch of roadway with OK 6 and about a block's worth of highway with OK 44 in Sentinel. OK 55 also travels through Rocky and intersects U.S. 183 there. Twelve miles east of Rocky and U.S. 183, OK 55 ends at OK 54.

Highway Information:
Distance: 41.1 miles
Counties traveled through: Beckham, Washita
Highway intersections: OK 34 (Mile 0.0), OK 6 (Mile 6.0), OK 6 (Mile 12.0), OK 44 (Mile 22.5), OK 44 (Mile 22.6), U.S. 183 (Mile 29.2), OK 54 (Mile 41.1)
Highway duplexes: OK 6 (Miles 6.0-12.0, 6.0 miles), OK 44 (Miles 22.5-22.6, 0.1 mile)

OK 34, Carter

"END OK 55" sign at OK 34 in Carter. (Photo taken
OK 34 South at OK 55 East in Carter. OK 34 continues
southward from this point as it makes its way towards
Mangum, Duke, and OK 6, where it finds its southern
terminus. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 55 East shield just east of the western terminus.
OK 55 ends 41 miles down the road at OK 54. (Photo
taken 11/26/02)


OK 55 East at OK 6. OK 55 heads south with OK 6 here
and the two highways are duplexed for six miles. (Photo
taken 11/26/02)
OK 6 South/OK 55 East shields just south of the
intersection pictured above. These two highways head
south for a few miles then head east before OK 6 heads
towards the south on its own. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 6 South/OK 55 East at OK 6 South. OK 55 continues
straight ahead towards Rocky and Sentinel, while OK 6
heads towards Altus and Texas. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 55 East at OK 44 in Sentinel. OK 55 heads north
with OK 44 for just a block before splitting. (Photo taken

OK 54, Lake Valley

"END OK 55" sign at the eastern terminus. Taking OK
54 north takes motorists towards Weatherford, and
turning right (heading south) takes motorists towards
Lake Valley and Gotebo. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 54 North at OK 55 West north of Lake Valley.
(Photo taken 11/26/02)