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OK 56 (Pre-2006)

OK 56 (2006-Present)

Highway Review:
OK 56 is an almost 90-mile long highway that runs from the eastern terminus of OK 39 and U.S. 377/OK 3W/99 several miles north of Ada to U.S. 75 in Okmulgee. For its distance, it doesn't see too many other highways. Its first 23 miles have no highway intersections, and neither do its final 34 miles.

As previously stated, OK 56 begins at the same intersection as OK 39's eastern terminus is located at U.S. 377/OK 3W/99 just north of the Canadian River. OK 56 heads east, then north towards Wewoka, where it shares two miles with Business U.S. 270. It also sees OK 59's eastern terminus while duplexed with the old routing of U.S. 270. OK 48 intersects OK 99A in the town of Cromwell, and intersects Interstate 40 less than three miles later. After crossing the interstate, OK 56 takes a mostly easterly track for several miles before meeting U.S. 62/OK 27 in Okemah, where it heads north for a couple blocks before heading east where U.S. 62 heads west and OK 27 has its northern terminus. After leaving Okemah behind, OK 56 winds its way near the Okmulgee State Park and the Okmlugee State Game Management Area, and finds its northern terminus as U.S. 75 in Okmulgee. A Loop 56 route exists between U.S. 75 and U.S. 62, bypassing Okmulgee on its northern and eastern sides.

Highway Information:
Distance: 86.7 miles
Counties traveled through: Seminole, Okfuskee, Okmulgee
Highway intersections: U.S. 377/OK 3E/39/99 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 270/Bus. U.S. 270 (Mile 23.1), OK 59 (Mile 24.2), Bus. U.S. 270 (Mile 25.1), OK 9 (Mile 30.5), OK 99A (Mile 38.6), Interstate 40 (Mile 41.2), OK 48 (Mile 47.2), U.S. 62/OK 27 (Mile 51.8), U.S. 62/OK 27 (Mile 52.1), U.S. 75 (Mile 86.7)
Highway duplexes: Bus. U.S. 270 (Miles 23.1-25.1, 2.0 miles), U.S. 62/OK 27 (Miles 51.8-52.1, 0.3 miles)

U.S. 377/OK 3E/39/99

"END OK 56" sign as OK 56 South nears its end at
U.S. 377/OK 3E/OK 99. (Photo taken 5/31/04)
OK 56 South at U.S. 377/OK 3E/OK 99. OK 39
West begins straight ahead. (Photo taken 5/31/04)
OK 56 North assurance shield just east of U.S.
377/OK 3E/OK 99. Motorists will enter the town
of Sasakwa in 10 miles. (Photo taken 5/31/04)
U.S. 377/OK 99 North/OK 3E West at OK 39
West/OK 56 North. (Photo taken 5/31/04)
OK 39 East at U.S. 377/OK 3E/OK 99. Continuing
straight will put motorists onto the beginning of
OK 56 North. (Photo taken 5/31/04)


OK 56 North at U.S. 270 East near Wewoka. (Photo
taken 5/31/04)
OK 56 North at U.S. 270 West/Business U.S. 270. (Photo
taken 5/31/04)
OK 56 North/Business U.S. 270 West at OK 59 West in
(Photo taken 5/31/04)
OK 56 South/Business U.S. 270 East at OK 59 West.
(Photo taken 5/31/04)
U.S. 62 East/OK 27/OK 56 South at OK 56 South in Okemah.
Interstate 40 is less than a mile away, thus the "TO" mention is
made. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 62 West/OK 27/OK 56 North at OK 56 North in Okemah.
This is also the northern terminus of OK 27; the end sign for
that route is located just before this intersection. (Photo taken

U.S. 75, Okmulgee

OK 56 North at U.S. 75 in Okmulgee. There is no end sign at
this terminus. U.S. 75 North says that OK 56 continues north,
but there is no indication from OK 56 North that it continues,
and there is an end sign at Loop 56's western terminus north
of this stoplight, so it's safe to assume that this is the end of
OK 56. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
The first OK 56 (West) assurance shield, located about 1/3
mile to the west of U.S. 75. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 75 South at OK 56 South in Okmulgee. (Photo taken