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OK 64D

Highway Review:
OK 64D connects U.S. 64 just west of Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Interstate 40. The highway skirts the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line for its entire length.

Highway Information:
Distance: 3.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Sequoyah
Highway intersections: U.S. 64 (Mile 0.0), Interstate 40 (Mile 3.5)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 64, east of Roland

"END OK 64D" sign on OK 64D South at U.S. 64.
(Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 64D North assurance shield just north of U.S.
64. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
U.S. 64 East at U.S. (should be OK) 64D North -
Dora. The overpass carries traffic going from OK
64D South to U.S. 64 East. (Photo taken

Interstate 40, Dora, AR

"END OK 64D" sign as OK 64D North
approaches Interstate 40. The state line is just
past this curve. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 64D North as seen at the beginning of
the S-curve. The "END" sign is visible just
ahead. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 64D North at Interstate 40 East. The
highway actually intersects Interstate 40 in
Arkansas, so all signage at the interstate is
in typical Arkansas style. (Photo taken
OK 64D North at Interstate 40 West. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
OK 64D South at Interstate 40 East. The
highway actually begins just around the
curve ahead, as this road is in Arkansas.
(Photo taken 9/26/03)
A little green sign indicates the Oklahoma
state line as OK 64D South officially
begins. The sign is located in the middle of
the S-curve. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
Interstate 40 East at Exit 330 - OK 64D
South - Dora/Ft. Smith. (Photo taken