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OK 65

Highway Review:
OK 65 runs from U.S. 70 in, well, the middle of nowhere, to OK 17 in Sterling. It joins OK 5 for a few blocks in Temple, and also intersects OK 53 and OK 7 on its 44-mile journey. Temple and Sterling are the only towns along its route.

Highway Information:
Distance: 44.4 miles
Counties traveled through: Cotton, Comanche
Highway intersections: U.S. 70 (Mile 0.0), OK 5 (Mile 8.0), OK 5 (Mile 8.5), OK 53 (Mile 15.0), OK 7 (Mile 31.8), OK 17 (Mile 44.4)
Highway duplexes: OK 5 (Miles 8.0-8.5, 0.5 miles)

U.S. 70

"END OK 65" sign at its southern terminus at U.S. 70. This is
located about halfway between U.S. 277/U.S. 281 and OK
79. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
U.S. 70 West at OK 65. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
First OK 65 North assurance shield just north of U.S. 70. The
green sign visible in the picture has the distances to Temple
and to OK 53. (Photo taken 9/6/02)


OK 65 North at OK 5 in Temple. OK 65 heads east with OK
5 for a few blocks before splitting. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 5 East/OK 65 North assurance shields just east of the
intersection pictured above. The eastern split is visible in the
distance. (It's just past the signs in the distance near the grain
elevator.) (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 5 East/OK 65 North at their split in Temple. (Photo taken
OK 65 North direction sign in Temple. The highway heads
east once again then curves to the north once again a few
blocks later. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 65 North at OK 53. (Photo taken 9/6/02)

OK 17, Sterling

"END OK 65" sign at OK 17 in Sterling. (Photo taken
OK 17 East at OK 65 South. Sterling is located just east
of this intersection. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
OK 17 West at OK 65 South. OK 17 itself ends about eight
miles west of here at U.S. 277 in Elgin. (Photo taken
OK 65 South assurance shield just south of OK 17. The
highway ends 44 miles later at U.S. 70. (Photo taken