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Terminus Gallery

OK 66B

Highway History:
OK 66 was once signed along today's OK 66B in Wellston. When U.S. 66 was decommissioned in 1985, OK 66 replaced U.S. 66, and the former OK 66 was renumbered as OK 66B.

Highway Review:
OK 66B connects OK 66 to Wellston and back to OK 66. It served as a detour route for OK 66 for several months while OK 66 was reconstructed.

Highway Information:
Distance: 3.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Lincoln
Highway intersections: OK 66 (Mile 0.0), OK 66 (Mile 3.2)
Highway duplexes: None

OK 66, west of Wellston

OK 66 East at OK 66B East. Notice the double
OK 66B shields; one in the regular font, and one in
the construction-related font. (Top photo taken
7/16/03, bottom photo taken 5/5/04)

East OK 66B assurance shield, OK 66 East detour,
and JCT OK 102 signage as seen near the western
terminus of OK 66B. OK 102 normally ends at OK
66, but due to the construction, the highway
temporarily ended at OK 66B. Now that the
construction is complete, two of these three sign
assemblies are no longer needed. (Top photo
taken 7/16/03, bottom photo taken 5/5/04)
OK 66 West at OK 66B East. The intersection is
treated much like a freeway, with a merge sign
in place to warn of traffic merging from OK 66B
West. No sign assembly is in place for OK 66B.
(Photo taken 5/5/04)


OK 66B West at OK 102 South. This
intersection is no longer signed. (Photo taken
OK 66B East at OK 102 South. (Photo taken

OK 66, east of Wellston

OK 66B East at Interstate 44 West. Normally, an
OK 66 shield would be here, but the construction
has only allowed a connection to Interstate 44
West from here. The interstate runs just past
the billboard to the right of the shield assembly.
(Photo taken 7/16/03)
OK 66 East at OK 66B West. (Photo taken
OK 66 West at OK 66B West. (Photo taken
Gore signage at OK 66B West. The highway
will enter Wellston in 1/2 mile. (Photo taken