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OK 72

Highway Review:
OK 72 connects U.S. 266 to U.S. 62, U.S. 64, Haskell, Coweta, and OK 51. The highway is duplexed with a U.S. highway for almost half of its length, and is even signed as U.S. 72 in some places.

Highway Information:
Distance: 32.9 miles
Counties traveled through: McIntosh, Muskogee, Wagoner
Highway intersections: U.S. 266 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 62 (Mile 7.7), U.S. 62/U.S. 64/OK 16 (Mile 16.8), OK 104 (Mile 22.7), U.S. 64 (Mile 23.1), OK 51B (Mile 32.1), OK 51 (Mile 32.9)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 62 (Miles 7.7-16.8, 9.1 miles), U.S. 64 (Miles 16.8-23.1, 6.3 miles)

U.S. 266, south of Council Hill

"END OK 72" signage at U.S. 266 as OK 72 South
comes to an end. (Photo taken 10/31/03)
Another sign for U.S. 266 is located about 1/4 mile
to the south of the "END" sign on OK 72 South.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)
At the "JCT U.S. 266" sign on OK 72 South, an "END
U.S. 72" sign assembly is posted. So do U.S. 72 and
OK 72 end here?! (Photo taken 10/31/03)
The first OK 72 North assurance shield is yet
another U.S. 72 shield. (Photo taken 10/31/03)
U.S. 266 East approaching OK 72. Yet another U.S.
72 shield is present here!  (Photo taken 10/31/03)
U.S. 266 East at the connector road between U.S.
266 and OK 72. At least this shield is correct! (Photo
taken 10/31/03)
U.S. 266 East at OK 72 North. This makes the fourth
U.S. 72 shield present at this intersection! And out of
the six highway 72 shields I saw at this intersection
from OK 72 and U.S. 266 East, only two of them
were correct! I wonder what the story is on U.S. 266
West. (Photo taken 10/31/03)


OK 72 North at U.S. 62 West. The two highways are
duplexed for the next nine miles. (Photo taken
U.S. 62 East/OK 72 North at U.S. 62/U.S. 64 East/
OK 16. Now U.S. 64 takes over the mainline and
duplexed with OK 72 for six miles. (Photo taken
U.S. 64 West/OK 72 North at OK 104 North in
Haskell. OK 104 connects to OK 51B at its other
end, seven miles from this end. (Photo taken
U.S. 64 West/U.S. (should be OK) 72 North
assurance shields in Haskell. (Photo taken
U.S. 64 West/OK 72 North at U.S. 72 (once again,
should be OK 72) North in Haskell. (Photo taken
U.S. 72 North assurance shield just north of U.S.
64. How many times can they mess up a sign?!
(Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 72 North at OK 51B East. (Photo taken
OK 72 South at OK 51B East. (Photo taken

OK 51, Coweta

OK 72 North approaching OK 51. (Photo taken
OK 72 North at OK 51. The railroad bridge makes
it close to impossible to put any other signs at the
terminus besides a stop sign. There is no "END"
sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 10/31/03)
OK 51 West at OK 72 South in Coweta. OK
51B begins less than a mile to the south, so it
is mentioned here as well. (Photo taken 10/31/03)