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OK 77C

Highway Review:
OK 77C is shown on the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's county map for McClain County. The highway runs along Main St. in Purcell to 2nd St., then goes north on 2nd St. to  Washington St. (U.S. 77/OK 39) Most of the highway heads through Purcell's business district.

Highway Information:
Distance: 0.4 miles
Counties traveled through: McClain
Highway intersections: U.S. 77/OK 39/OK 74 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 77/OK 39 (Mile 0.4)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 77/OK 39/OK 74, Purcell

OK 77C West at U.S. 77/OK 39/OK 74.
(Photo taken 11/26/04)
OK 77C East just east of U.S. 77/
OK 39/OK 74. (Photo taken
U.S. 77/OK 74 North/OK 39 East at
unsigned OK 77C East. U.S. 77 and
OK 39 head to the east at the next
stoplight. (Photo taken 11/26/04)

U.S. 77/OK 39, Purcell

OK 77C East as the highway ends at
the stoplight in the distance. The
road was closed for construction,
so this picture is from one block
south of U.S. 77/OK 39 at the
corner of Main & 2nd. (Photo
taken 11/26/04)
The corner of 2nd & Main, as seen
from OK 77C East. OK 77C heads
left here. (Photo taken 11/26/04)