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OK 85A

Highway Review:
OK 85A is a 6-mile connector route that spans from OK 85 to OK 125. The highway travels through the town of Bernice within its first couple miles east of OK 85. The highway provides access from the west to OK 125, which leads to the Shangri-La resort.

Highway Information:
Distance: 5.7 miles
Counties traveled through: Delaware
Highway intersections: OK 85 (Mile 0.0), OK 125 (Mile 5.7)
Highway duplexes: None

OK 85, west of Bernice

"END OK 85A" sign at OK 85. Continuing straight will put you
onto OK 85 North, which will itself end in just two miles. (Photo
taken 4/25/03)
OK 85 South at OK 85A East. OK 85A will enter the town
of Bernice in two miles. (Photo taken 4/25/03)

OK 125, east of Bernice

"OK 85A END" sign as OK 85A North approaches
OK 125. (Photo taken 4/25/03)
OK 85A East comes to an end at OK 125. OK 125 South
leads to Monkey Island in one mile and the Shangri-La
Resort in seven miles. (Photo taken 4/25/03)
OK 85A West assurance shield west of OK 125. (Photo
taken 4/25/03)
OK 125 South at OK 85A West. There are gas stations
at both corners of the T-intersection. I'm sure they sell
plenty of bait with Grand Lake nearby. (Photo taken
OK 125 North at OK 85A West. (Photo taken 4/25/03)