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Terminus Gallery

OK 9A (West)

Highway History:
Just one of the present three OK 9A's existed back in 1953. It was this one, and at that time, it went from OK 59 in Maud to OK 3 north of Earlsboro.

Highway Review:
The western OK 9A is one of the longest suffixed state highways in the state. During its 34 miles, it goes through the towns of Konawa, Maud, and Earlsboro. OK 9A also shares a mile with its parent route near Earlsboro.

Highway Information:
Distance: 33.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Seminole, Pottawatomie
Highway intersections: OK 39 (Mile 0.0), OK 59 (Mile 11.9), OK 59 (Mile 13.3), U.S. 270/OK 9 (Mile 23.6), U.S. 270/OK 9 (Mile 24.7), OK 3E (Mile 30.0), Interstate 40 (Mile 33.5)
Highway duplexes: OK 59 (Miles 11.9-13.3, 1.4 miles), U.S. 270/OK 9 (Miles 23.6-24.7, 1.1 miles)

Traffic Counts:
880 - N of Konawa
740 - OK 9A @ OK 59 East
1,600 - Maud
1,500 - N of Maud
1,600 - 2 miles S of U.S. 270/OK 9
4,300 - U.S. 270/OK 9/OK 9A multiplex
1,400 - Earlsboro
1,600 - OK 9A @ OK 3E
3,100 - OK 9A @ Interstate 40

OK 39, Konawa

"END OK 9A" sign as OK 9A South nears
its end at OK 39 in Konawa. (Photo taken
OK 9A South at OK 39. (Photo taken
OK 9A North assurance shield just north
of OK 39. (Photo taken 5/28/04)
OK 39 East at OK 9A North in Konawa.
(Photo taken 5/28/04)


OK 9A North at U.S. 270/OK 9. OK 9A
heads to the east for the next mile.
(Photo taken 5/28/04)

Interstate 40, east of Shawnee

"END OK 9A" and "JCT Interstate 40" signage
as OK 9A North nears its end. (Photo taken
OK 9A North at Interstate 40 East. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
OK 9A North at Interstate 40 West. The road
continues as N3480 Rd. No directional
signage exists in this direction for Interstate
40 West. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
N3480 Rd. South at Interstate 40 West. OK
9A is about to begin. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 9A South begins as the ramp to
Interstate 40 East begins to the left. Once
again, no directional signs are present at
this intersection. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 9A South assurance shield just south of
Interstate 40. OK 3E is three and a half miles
ahead. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
Interstate 40 East at Exit 192 - OK 9A South -
Earlsboro. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
Interstate 40 West at Exit 192 - OK 9A -
Earlsboro. Since this picture was taken, this
sign has been replaced as part of a summer
2003 sign replacement project along most of
Interstate 40 in eastern Oklahoma. (Photo
taken 3/22/03)