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OK 152 Realignment
Realignment in
Southwest Oklahoma City

For many years, since the days when the highway was OK 41 in the mid-20th century, OK 152 has been two lanes from the east edge of Mustang to Meridian Ave. The road surface has way outlived its golden days, and it is a rough ride for most of the way. (But then, what else is new? This is Oklahoma, right?)

However, all of this has changed. OK 152 now runs along a completely different alignment in Oklahoma County than it ever has. Just east of the county line, the highway curves to the north, as the map below shows. A partial cloverleaf interchange will eventually connect OK 152 with Council Rd.; for now, though, the new alignment ends at Council Rd.

OK 152 New Alignment Map
(Map not to scale, but I'm not an experienced computer mapmaker!)

This map shows approximately the current alignment of OK 152 as of April 2004. The highway curves to the north just east of County Line Road, and heads mostly due north, past S.W. 59th St., then curves to the east, just in time for the new section to temporarily end at Council Rd. I have drawn in the ramps that will eventually be in place at the interchange; for now, the only finished ramps are those that connect Council Rd. to OK 152 West, and OK 152 East to Council Rd. OK 152 temporarily goes north on Council Rd. to S.W. 44th St., where it heads east and takes over Airport Rd. in its entirety to Interstate 44. OK 152 is now at least four lanes wide from the west edge of the Mustang city limits just west of OK 92 to Interstate 44.

As of April 2004, OK 152 was not signed on Council Rd., however, all turns between OK 152, Council Rd., and S.W. 44th St. are signed. Remember, though, that OK 152 will only be running along Council Rd. and S.W. 44th St. until the connection to Airport Rd. is complete. The pictures below will show y'all what I'm trying to say.

All pictures taken February 13, 2004 & April 19, 2004

Views from New OK 152:

This picture, taken from the abandoned
section of OK 152 and looking northeast,
shows the new alignment of OK 152.
OK 152 East assurance shield just east of
County Line Rd. The highway used to
narrow to two lanes at this point.
OK 152 West approaching County
Line Rd. You can see where the new
and old pavement meet. Also,
Fireworks City USA is just ahead to
the right. (Yes, it is a real place!)
OK 152 East approaching S.W. 74th St.
OK 152 West approaching S.W. 74th St.
OK 152 East approaching Council Rd. -
1 mile.
OK 152 East approaching S.W. 59th St.
OK 152 West approaching S.W. 59th St.
OK 152 East approaching Council Rd. -
1/2 mile.
OK 152 East narrows to one lane as
the new section comes to an end.
Gore point signage at OK 152 East and
Council Rd. The future OK 152's surface
has been laid, but that is as far as it has
OK 152 East approaching Council Rd.
OK 152 currently goes north on Council
for 1/2 mile to S.W. 44th St.

OK 152 East at Council Rd. The
bottom photo taken in April 2004 shows
that the turn that OK 152 takes is now
Council Rd. North (Temporary OK 152
East) approaching S.W. 44th St.
Council Rd. North at S.W. 44th St. OK
152 currently makes a right turn here.
S.W. 44th St. West approaching Council
S.W. 44th St. West at Council Rd.
OK 152 East assurance shield on S.W.
44th St. just east of Council Rd.
OK 152 East assurance shield just
east of MacArthur Blvd. OK 152 is about
to go over Newcastle Rd. (old OK 152)
at this point.

For pictures of OK 152 along Airport Rd., please see the OK 152 page.

Views from Old OK 152:

Looking west, a view of the short abandoned
section of OK 152. It appears that it is now
used as part of a residential driveway.
Looking east; the abandoned section of
OK 152, with S.W. 74th St. (old OK 152)
going through the trees. There was once
a flashing yellow stoplight at the
intersection with Ambassador Rd. (which
is just behind my car, parked on the
abandoned section).
S.W. 74th St. West (old OK 152 West)
just before meeting the new construction
that connects to the new OK 152.
S.W. 74th St. West crosses over railroad
tracks about halfway between Ambassador
Rd. and Council Rd. The railroad tracks
were replaced in 2003; before that, I am
sure they damaged several cars, because
they were extremely rough!
OK 152 signs were still in place along the
old stretch at this time; on westbound, they
were all turned sideways. However, on
Old OK 152 East, the signs were still
facing forwards. This sign is on S.W. 74th
St. East approaching Council Rd.
S.W. 74th St. East at Council Rd.
Council Rd. North just north of S.W. 74th St.
Council Rd. South just north of S.W. 74th
St. The ramp to the right once carried OK
152 West traffic from Council Rd. to S.W.
74th St.
An example of an OK 152 West shield
assembly turned sideways; this one is
just north of Old OK 152's departure from
Council Rd. South.
Council Rd. North at old OK 152 East. This
stretch of OK 152 went through Wheatland,
but was bypassed with the eastward
extension of the new OK 152.

Views from Council Road near New OK 152:

Council Rd. North (Temporary OK 152 West)
approaching OK 152.
Council Rd. North at what will be the ramp
to OK 152 East. As can be seen here, the
west side of what will be the OK 152
overpass of Council Rd. is in place, but
the east side is not. Actually, there was no
sign of construction east of OK 152 on the
day I took these pictures.
OK 152 West leaves Council Rd. North and
turns to the west at this stoplight.
View of the future off-ramp from future OK
152 West to Council Rd. This picture was
taken from the same location as the one
just above.
Switching directions now; Council Rd.
South approaching OK 152.

Council Rd. South (Temporary OK 152
West) at OK 152 West. The stoplight in
the distance is for OK 152 East.