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A lOOk at sOMe SIgN gOOfs in OklAhOmA.

Welcome to the Sign Goofs page at OKHighways.com, the place where sign mistakes from around the state are exposed! So pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy some of the biggest gaffes on road signs in the Sooner State.


My favorite sign goof in Oklahoma is on Interstate 240 East
at Exit 3A - S. Santa Fe Ave. Or, according to this sign, it's Exit
A3. As I recall, Alex Nitzman (of
AARoads.com fame) said that
this sounds more like a European exit than an American one!
(Photo taken 11/6/02)
Interstate 35 South/Interstate 40 West at Exit 126-Interstate
235 North. Where is the I-235 shield at? We know the exit is
pointing toward the north, but the shield seems to have
disappeared. And, yet, it still is like this today. There was a
shield on it at one time, and it can be seen at
AARoads.com's Interstate 235 Guide) (Photo taken 9/11/02)

Interstate 35 North at Exit 214 - U.S. 60. Not too much wrong
with this sign at first glance. Road scholars, however, may
notice that the exit tab is on the left side for an exit that exits
off to the right. I know, it's very minor, but still, it's wrong!
 (Photo taken 9/28/02)

Interstate 44 East at Exit 107 - U.S. 62 West near Newcastle.
This sign erroneously displays U.S. 62 South, and even though
the highway is heading north-south here, it is still signed east-
west. U.S. 277, not signed here, has its northern terminus at
this interchange. (Photo taken 11/22/02)
Interstate 240 East at Exit 4C - Pole Rd. But that isn't where
the goof is. The goof is in the left panel - if you look close
enough, you'll notice that the "n" in Eastern is capitalized, so
it looks like "EasterN." Someday, I will get a better picture of
this. (Photo taken 8/28/02)

Back to Oklahoma City, this sign gantry represents a victory
for this page. The far left panel was missing a U.S. 62 shield in
the top photo taken in early November 2002. However, all
three signs were replaced in early January to make room for
a variable message board (so actually only two signs were
replaced; the middle Interstate 40 signage is no more), so U.S.
62 was added back on. This is on Interstate 35 South/Interstate
40 West approaching Exit 126-Interstate 235 North. The sign
gantry seen toward the top of this page, however, is still
missing its Interstate 235 shield. (Top photo taken 11/8/02,
bottom photo taken 1/31/03)
Interstate 35 South at Exit 79 - OK 145 East - Paoli. The OK
145 shield is missing from the sign. OK 145 isn't much of a
highway, however, as it lasts just two miles, connecting to U.S.
77 in Paoli. As of August 2003, the shield was still missing.
(Photo taken 12/16/02)
Interstate 35 South at Exit 119B - N. 27th St. in Moore. The tab
below the exit sign says "Exit Only," but as you can see the lane
continues on! The lane does end at the overpass ahead for now
until the Shields interchange just south of here is reconstructed.
(Photo taken 11/6/02)
Interstate 40 West approaching Exit 41 - Business Loop I-40
West/OK 34 North - 1 mile. Except, there is an Interstate 40
shield where the Business Loop shield should be! If that wasn't
bad enough...
The sign at the actual exit has an Interstate 40 shield too!
These signs were just put up in early 2003, and they both
have the wrong shield! This would throw off those unfamiliar
with the area who may think that Interstate 40 exits off the
mainline here. Well, according to the signs, it does! (And, just
for good measure,
here's what the old, and correct, sign
looked like in November 2002) (Photos taken 6/23/03)
Interstate 240 East approaching Air Depot Blvd. The exit
tab says this is Exit 7, but this is actually Exit 9. This goof has
since been fixed.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)


OK 6 South at OK 34 North between Olustee and Eldorado
in far southwest Oklahoma. The sign mistakenly says OK 6
West, and even though it is heading southwest here, the
highway is signed north-south. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
"TO I-40" shield on Morgan Rd. just south of Interstate 40.
Notice the diamond left arrow sign below the I-40 shield.
Most of the time, you'd see a square sign, but in this case,
ODOT has turned the sign to make it look like a diamond.
(Photo taken 11/13/02)
OK 270 North at its western/northern end in Harrah. OK 270
is numbered because it is the former routing of U.S. 270
between Harrah and Shawnee. Some U.S. 270 shields are
still present around this intersection, however, and this is one
of them. (Photo taken 1/4/03)
An unusually large "ENDS" tab adorns this OK 15 shield
at its eastern terminus at OK 18. Yes, we know the highway
ends here, dad gum it! (Photo taken 1/7/03)
The same sign company that made the OK 15 ENDS sign
must have made this sign at OK 48's northern terminus as
the highway approaches U.S. 64. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
Although partially sun-glared, you can still see that U.S. 64,
an east-west highway, is signed north-south here at OK 67's
intersection with U.S. 64 in Bixby. This is also the eastern
terminus of OK 67. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
Hey, someone switched the highway shields with the arrows!
This is on OK 19 West as it approaches OK 76 in Lindsay.
(Photo taken 1/31/03)
I didn't know U.S. 44 existed in Oklahoma! This goof is on
Interstate 44 West as the highway approaches the U.S. 64/
OK 51 exit (Exit 231) in Tulsa. These signs were only
temporary (thankfully!), since the sign gantry was taken
down during the widening of Interstate 44 in this area, which
was completed in the summer of 2003. (Photo taken
Messing up on one sign was bad enough, but they did it
again! On Interstate 44 East, in the same area, there was
yet another U.S. 44 shield! This one, too, is now gone.
Maybe the contractors gave it back to Massachusetts' or
New York's highway departments, since those states
actually have a U.S. 44! (Photo taken 3/13/03)
This Speed Limit 65 sign on Interstate 240 East at
Eastern Ave. was upside-down for a couple days in late
October 2003. I took this picture on a Friday, and by the
time I was in the area again Sunday, the sign was right-side
up again.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)

(OK 152 in western Oklahoma)

OK 152, the longest state highway whose number is over 100, is signed several times in western Oklahoma as U.S. 152. There are at least eight instances where U.S. 152 is signed instead of OK 152. When I was in the area in late November, I was able to photograph five of those scenarios. (I wish I had time to photograph the rest, but I was very restricted on time that day.) This is so pathetic that I figured I'd dedicate a part of this page to what I call "Sign Goof Highway."

U.S. 152 has not existed in 66 years. From 1934-1938, It connected Indianapolis to Hammond, Indiana. More information about historic U.S. 152 can be seen here. (A new window will open.)

By the way, all U.S. 152 (I mean, OK 152) pictures were taken 11/26/02.

U.S. 152 West shield just west of the OK 30 junction in Sweetwater.
This is the last assurance shield in Oklahoma, as the highway enters
Texas in five miles.
OK 152 East at OK 6 South. OK 152 (or U.S. 152) is the highway
that actually heads south here. OK 6 South begins straight ahead
and eventually will turn to the south and intersect OK 152 again.
U.S. 283 South approaching U.S./OK 152 in Sayre. The actual
intersection, however, correctly states OK 152. Other signs
surrounding the intersection refer to U.S. 152 as well.
OK 42 North approaching U.S./OK 152 in Dill City. Once again, the
signs at the actual intersection say OK 152. But if you head east on
OK 152, you'll see another U.S. 152 shield...
U.S. 152 East shield just east of OK 42 in Dill City. I think the
westbound assurance shield just west of OK 42 may say U.S. 152
as well.

The other cases of U.S. 152 being signed (as far as I can remember) are two cases at the intersection of OK 152 and OK 34 south of Elk City, and on U.S. 281/OK 8 South approaching OK 152 in Binger. Maybe someday I'll get pictures of those too.

(The southern OK 52 & OK 72)

OK 52 has two different sections: the northern section is between U.S. 266 and OK 16, and the southern section is between Hanna and OK 9. The southern OK 52 is signed as U.S. 52 throughout; not one shield referring to it is the correct OK 52!

OK 72 connects U.S. 266 near Council Hill to OK 51 in Coweta. The highway is signed as U.S. 72 in several places, such as the area around U.S. 266 and especially in Haskell, where there are at least three U.S. 72 shields. U.S. 72 shields also appear on OK 51 in Coweta.

For pictures from those highways, see their respective pages at OKHighways.com:

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