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Tulsa Highways @ OKHighways.com

Tulsa, the second largest city in Oklahoma, is known as the arts center of Oklahoma. The Gilcrease Museum and the Philbrook Museum are two of the main art museums inside the city of 393,049 residents.

Its freeway plan isn't quite what it was planned to be, but plans are in the works to make it that way. Interstate 44 comes into Tulsa from the southwest and bypasses the downtown area to the south, while Interstate 244 directly serves downtown. Hidden Interstate 444 (U.S. 64/U.S. 75/OK 51) also provides access to downtown.

Tulsa also has several non-interstate freeways. The Sand Springs/Keystone Expressway (U.S. 64/U.S. 412) comes from the west. The Broken Arrow Expressway goes from the southeast corner of Interstate 444 at the U.S. 75/U.S. 64 junction to the western end of the Muskogee Turnpike near Broken Arrow. The Mingo Valley Expressway (U.S. 169) connects south Tulsa to Owasso, and the Creek Turnpike bypasses Tulsa to its south and east. The L.L. Tisdale Parkway connects Interstate 244 to 36th St. N., and the Gilcrease Expressway (OK 11) currently connects Lewis Ave. just west of U.S. 75 to Interstate 244 and the Tulsa International Airport. It is in the process of being extended to the Tisdale Parkway, and may eventually be extended to Interstate 44 at the Interstate 244 interchange near Oakhurst. The exit for 51st St. actually is a long ramp that was intended to be part of an outer loop for Tulsa, and it may eventually be completed. For now, though, the 51st St. exit from Interstate 44 and Interstate 244 is just a long ramp.

It has been said that you can't get out of Tulsa without going on a turnpike, and, well, that is basically true. Going either direction on U.S. 75 is toll-free, and going north from Tulsa on U.S. 169 is toll-free, but the other freeways eventually turn into turnpikes. Interstate 44 becomes the Turner Turnpike southwest of Tulsa, and the Will Rogers Turnpike east of Tulsa. U.S. 412, which heads due east from downtown, eventually becomes the Cherokee Turnpike. Going west on the Sand Springs Expressway will take you to the Cimarron Turnpike. However, alternate routes are available for those who do not want to pay toll, including U.S. 64, Scenic U.S. 412, and OK 66.