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Oklahoma is well known around the country for its many turnpikes. It can seem like just about anywhere you want to go in Oklahoma that there's a turnpike nearby or you'll have to take one.

Oklahoma has ten turnpikes, the most of any state in the nation. Only Florida comes even close to matching the Sooner State in that category, but a lot of its turnpikes are in the urban areas of Miami and Orlando. Oklahoma's first urban turnpikes were not built until the early 1990s, when the Kilpatrick and Creek turnpikes opened around Oklahoma City and Tulsa, respectively. All turnpikes are maintained by the Oklahoma Transportation Authority.

The Indian Nation Turnpike is the longest of the ten at a length of 105 miles between U.S. 271 in Hugo and Interstate 40 in Henryetta. The H.E. Bailey Turnpike is listed at 110 miles, but it is a free road for 23 of those miles. The Will Rogers Turnpike and Turner Turnpike are signed as parts of Interstate 44, and are 88 and 86 miles long, respectively.

U.S. 412 has two turnpikes along its length; the Cimarron Turnpike from Interstate 35 to U.S. 64 (59 miles), and the Cherokee Turnpike between Chouteau and Siloam Springs (33 miles).

Besides the Indian Nation, four other turnpikes are not signed as another highway, and two of those are urban; the Kilpatrick Turnpike around Oklahoma City (25 miles), and the Creek Turnpike around Tulsa (33 miles). The Muskogee Turnpike connects OK 51 in Broken Arrow to Muskogee and Interstate 40 near Webbers Falls, and finally, the 2-lane Chickasaw Turnpike connects OK 7 west of Sulphur to OK 1 northeast of Roff. The Chickasaw Turnpike is an interesting one - it's a 2-lane road that you pay 55 cents to drive on, and it doesn't have too much use other than provide a little bit of a faster way between Interstate 35 in Davis and Ada.

With the exception of the Chickasaw Turnpike, all of Oklahoma's turnpikes have been covered here at OKHighways.com. Please click on one of the turnpikes below to see pictures of that turnpike.

Turnpike Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Mileage
Cherokee Scenic U.S. 412,
east of Chouteau
Scenic U.S. 412,
west of West Siloam Springs
Chickasaw OK 7, west of Sulphur OK 1, northeast of Roff 17.3
Cimarron Interstate 35/U.S. 64,
north of Perry
U.S. 64, near Keystone Lake 59.2
Creek Interstate 44, Sapulpa Interstate 44/U.S. 412,
Fair Oaks
H.E. Bailey Texas State Line,
continues as Interstate 44
U.S. 62/U.S. 277, Newcastle 110.0
Indian Nation U.S. 70/U.S. 271, Hugo Interstate 40/U.S. 62/U.S. 75,
Kilpatrick S.W. 15th St.,
north of Mustang
Interstate 35/Interstate 44,
Oklahoma City
Muskogee OK 51, Broken Arrow Interstate 40,
south of Webbers Falls
Turner Interstate 35/Kilpatrick Tpk.,
Oklahoma City
OK 66, Tulsa 86.0
Will Rogers Interstate 44, Fair Oaks Missouri State Line,
continues as Interstate 44