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Before the interstates, U.S. Highways carried the load of helping people get from place to place from coast to coast. Many pieces of small town Americana were to be found along these highways. Since the interstates took over, the U.S. highway's importance has taken on a lesser role, but it still serves as a vital part of the road system across America.

Oklahoma has 26 U.S. routes, from the 43-mile-long U.S. 266 between Henryetta and Warner to U.S. 64, which has almost 600 of its miles in Oklahoma, and everything in between. Five U.S. routes have a terminus in Oklahoma, and one (U.S. 266) has both of its termini in Oklahoma.

The table below shows each U.S. highway in Oklahoma, their overall termini, and how many miles each highway has in Oklahoma. If a terminus is located in Oklahoma, the exact intersection and location are given; otherwise, just the terminus city is listed. Please click on the highway number in the left column to see the page for that highway.

Highway Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Mileage in
54 El Paso, TX Pittsfield, IL 56.1
56 Springer, NM Kansas City, MO 71.0
59 Laredo, TX Lancaster, MN 218.3
60 Brenda, AZ Virginia Beach, VA 352.8
62 El Paso, TX Niagara Falls, NY 406.0
64 Teec Nos Pos, AZ Whalebone Jct., NC 588.7
69 Port Arthur, TX Albert Lea, MN 263.4
70 Globe, AZ Atlantic, NC 294.6
75 Dallas, TX Noyes, MN 251.4
77 Brownsville, TX Sioux City, IA 268.3
81 Fort Worth, TX Pembina, ND 230.6
83 Brownsville, TX Westhope, ND 36.5
169 U.S. 64/Creek Turnpike, Tulsa Virginia, MN 75.1
177 U.S. 70, Madill South Haven, KS 229.4
183 Refugio, TX Presho, SD 219.8
259 Nacogdoches, TX U.S. 59/U.S. 270, Page 98.8
266 U.S. 62/U.S. 75, Henryetta U.S. 64, Warner 43.4
270 Liberal, KS Pine Bluff, AR 477.4
271 Tyler, TX Fort Smith, AR 159.6
277 Carrizo Springs, TX Interstate 44, Newcastle 124.1
281 Brownsville, TX Dunseith, ND 256.6
283 Brady, TX Lexington, NE 203.7
287 Port Arthur, TX Choteau, MT 41.3
377 Del Rio, TX Interstate 44, Stroud 140.1
385 Big Bend National Park, TX Deadwood, SD 36.0
412 Springer, NM Columbia, TN 502.6