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OK 75A

Highway Review:
The only highway in Oklahoma that is signed three different ways, OK 75A/U.S. 75A/Alternate U.S. 75 runs along a former routing of U.S. 75. It starts out by heading west with OK 16 for almost four miles before heading north in the town of Beggs. Fourteen miles later, OK 75A intersects OK 67 at its western terminus in Kiefer. The highway enters Sapulpa six miles later, and intersects OK 117. Less than a mile later, OK 75A ends at Sapulpa's "Terminus Junction," where OK 33 has its eastern terminus and OK 97 has its southern end.

Highway Information:
Distance: 23.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Okmulgee, Creek
Highway intersections: U.S. 75/OK 16 (Mile 0.0), OK 16 (Mile 3.6), OK 67 (Mile 18.0), OK 117 (Mile 22.8), OK 33/66/97 (Mile 23.5)
Highway duplexes: OK 16 (Miles 0.0-3.6, 3.6 miles)

U.S. 75/OK 16, north of Okmulgee

OK 75A South at U.S. 75 North. There is no end sign at this terminus.
The highway is actually signed as Alternate U.S. 75 at this point.
(Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 16 East/OK 75A South at U.S. 75 South. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
Alternate U.S. 75/OK 16 West shields just west of U.S. 75. This
duplex ends less than four miles later in Beggs. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 75 South at Alternate U.S. 75/OK 16 exit. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 75 North at Alternate U.S. 75/OK 16 - Beggs/Muskogee exit.
(Photo taken 10/31/03)

OK 33/66/97, Sapulpa

OK 97 North assurance shield/END U.S. 75A sign just north of
Terminus Junction in Sapulpa. OK 97 connects Sapulpa to Sand
Springs and Zink Ranch, a distance of 20 miles. (Photo taken
South U.S. 75A/END OK 97 shields just south of Terminus Junction.
Most other signs in Sapulpa indicate that this is OK 75A, so I'll say
that the U.S. 75A is in error. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 33/OK 66 East at OK 97 North/U.S. 75A South in Sapulpa. This
is the eastern terminus of OK 33 as well. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 66 West at OK 97 North/U.S. 75A South in Sapulpa. (Photo
taken 1/7/03)
OK 97 South at U.S. 75A South/OK 33 West/OK 66 in Sapulpa.
No indication that U.S./OK 75A begins here. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S./OK 75A North at OK 33 West/OK 66 in Sapulpa. No indication
that OK 97 begins here, at least, not until motorists pass the stoplight.
(Photo taken 1/7/03)