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Terminus Gallery

OK 92 (South)

Highway Review:
The southern OK 92 begins its journey about two miles north of U.S. 277 in the Lake Burtschi State Park. Several maps show that the southern terminus is at U.S. 277, but it is not, as I found out. It heads east for several miles before heading through its first town, Norge. A few miles later, OK 92 heads into Chickasha. At U.S. 81/277, OK 92 heads north. Then at U.S. 81/277's intersection with U.S. 62/OK 9, OK 92 heads east. Just east of Interstate 44, OK 92 heads north on its own once again, and goes through the town of Amber before hitting its northern terminus at OK 37 in Tuttle.

Highway Information:
Distance: 33.4 miles
Counties traveled through: Grady
Highway intersections: U.S. 81/U.S. 277 (Mile 10.3), U.S. 62/U.S. 81/OK 9 (Mile 11.9), Interstate 44 (Mile 13.5), U.S. 62/U.S. 277/OK 9 (Mile 15.2), OK 37 (Mile 33.4)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 81 (Miles 10.3-11.9, 1.6 miles), U.S. 277 (Miles 10.3-15.2, 4.9 miles), U.S. 62/U.S. 277/OK 9 (Miles 11.9-15.2, 3.3 miles)

Lake Burtschi State Park

OK 92 South at its southern terminus. The road is actually
heading west at this point. Lake Burtschi is just to the left.
Maps show that this is part of OK 92 and then it heads
south for its final two miles (the north-south road shown on
the maps as OK 92 is in the distance) but that is not true.
If this stretch of highway was brought up to standards, then
OK 92 could be signed to U.S. 277 since the north-south
road between U.S. 277 and the intersection ahead is
standard. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
First OK 92 North assurance shield just east of the
southern terminus. (Photo taken 10/4/02)


OK 92 South shield west of Chickasha. (Photo taken
U.S. 81/U.S. 277/OK 92 North shields just past the OK 92
junction in Chickasha. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 81/U.S. 277/OK 92 South shields in downtown
Chickasha just south of U.S. 62. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 81/277/OK 92 North at U.S. 62/OK 9 in downtown
Chickasha. Although not signed, OK 92 heads east at this
intersection. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 62/OK 9 West/U.S. 277/OK 92 South at U.S. 81/277
South junction in downtown Chickasha. OK 92 is once
again not signed here. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 62/OK 9 West/U.S. 277/OK 92 South approaching
U.S. 81/277 junction in downtown Chickasha. Once again,
no OK 92 signage is present. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 62/OK 9 West/U.S. 277/OK 92 South at Interstate 44
East near Chickasha. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
West U.S. 62/OK 9/South U.S. 277/OK 92 just west of OK
92. If you haven't figured it out by now, OK 92 is not very
well signed during its stretch with U.S. 62/277/OK 9. I
guess they didn't want four highways in one sign! (Photo
U.S. 62/OK 9 East/U.S. 277/OK 92 North at OK 92 North
east of Chickasha. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
OK 92 South at U.S. 62/277/OK 9. See, OK 92 does exist
between here and U.S. 81, but the signs along that stretch
say something different. And there are four shields all on
one sign here; why couldn't they do it on the actual U.S. 62
highway? (Photo taken 10/4/02)
OK 92 South as it prepares to go underneath Interstate 44.
(Photo taken 10/4/02)

OK 37, Tuttle

"END OK 92" sign at OK 37 in Tuttle as OK 92 North
comes to an end. OK 92 begins again a few miles
north of here in Mustang, but there is no direct
connection between the two OK 92's. (Photo taken
OK 37 West at OK 92 South in Tuttle. (Photo taken