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Terminus Gallery

OK 76

Highway Review:
OK 76 runs north-south throughout central and south-central Oklahoma. It begins its northward journey just south of the town of Leon, and just to the north of the Red River. It continues north and intersects with OK 32 and U.S. 70. OK 76 then heads west with U.S. 70 for 2.5 miles, then the highway heads north on its own, traveling through Healdton, Fox, Ratliff City, and Parnell. OK 76 then heads west with OK 29 for about five and a half miles. After that, it heads towards Erin Springs before yet another highway multiplex, this time in Lindsay for about a mile with OK 19. Then it makes its way towards Blanchard and joins U.S. 62/277 for a mile heading into the town of Blanchard. Then the highway heads north once again on its own, intersecting the H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur, OK 130, and OK 37, where the northern terminus is located.

Highway Information:
Distance: 110.7 miles
Counties traveled through: Love, Carter, Garvin, Stephens, McClain
Highway intersections: OK 32 (Mile 5.6), OK 70A (Mile 20.9), U.S. 70 (Mile 22.3), U.S. 70 (Mile 24.8), OK 53 (Mile 34.6), OK 53 (Mile 37.8), OK 7 (Mile 45.0), OK 29 (Mile 57.1), OK 29 (Mile 62.5), OK 19 (Mile 76.3), OK 19 (Mile 77.3), OK 39 (Mile 92.4), OK 74B (Mile 96.7), U.S. 62/277/OK 9 (Mile 98.8), U.S. 62/277/OK 9 (Mile 99.8), OK 130 (Mile 107.6), OK 37 (Mile 110.7)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 70 (Miles 22.3-24.8, 2.5 miles), OK 53 (Miles 34.6-37.8, 3.2 miles), OK 29 (Mile 57.1-62.5, 5.4 miles), OK 19 (Miles 76.3-77.3, 1.0 mile), U.S. 62/277/OK 9 (Miles 98.8-99.9, 1.0 mile)

South of Leon

"END OK 76" sign just south of Leon. OK 76 turns into a country road
before it dead-ends a mile or so later at the Red River. (Photo taken
First OK 76 North shield just north of the southern terminus. The town
of Leon is just ahead of this location. (Photo taken 9/6/02)


OK 76 North at OK 32 north of Leon. This is the first highway
junction one encounters on OK 76 heading northbound. (Photo
taken 9/6/02)
OK 76 South at OK 70A in Wilson. OK 70A connects OK 76 to
U.S. 70 on the east side of Wilson.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)

OK 76 South/U.S. 70 East at OK 76 South near Wilson. This is at
the eastern end of the U.S. 70/OK 76 duplex. (Top photo taken
9/6/02, bottom photo taken 5/12/04)
U.S. 70 West/OK 76 North at OK 76 North. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 76 North at OK 53 West. The two highways share three
miles of pavement.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 53 West/OK 76 South at OK 53 West. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 76 North at OK 7 in Ratliff City. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 76 North at OK 29. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 76 South at OK 53 south of Fox. OK 53 joins OK 76 for about 3
miles. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 76 North/OK 19 West shields just west of OK 19. The two
highways are duplexed for one mile in the town of Lindsay. (Photo
taken 1/31/03)
OK 76 North leaves OK 19 behind at this intersection in west
Lindsay. OK 19 continues on towards the Chickasha area.
(Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 76 North at OK 39. OK 39 will enter the town of Dibble one
mile to the east. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 76 South at OK 39. There are two gas stations at this 4-way
stop. Both had the cheapest gas around on this late January day, at
$1.34/gallon. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 76 North assurance shield just north of OK 39. OK 76 will
intersect OK 74B in four miles. The four miles between OK 39
and OK 74B were resurfaced in the late 20th century, and won an
award for best road surface. (I can not recall exactly who the award
was from.) (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 76 North at OK 74B East. OK 74B connects OK 76 with OK 74,
a distance of ten miles. (Photo taken 1/31/03)
OK 76 North at U.S. 62/U.S. 277/OK 9 intersection near Blanchard.
The four highways are duplexed until OK 76 departs in downtown
Blanchard, one mile to the north of this Y-intersection. (Photo taken
U.S. 62/OK 9 East/U.S. 277/OK 76 North assurance shields just
north of the Y-intersection. Blanchard's downtown lies just ahead.
(Photo taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 62/OK 9 East/U.S. 277/OK 76 North at OK 76 North in
downtown Blanchard. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
OK 76 North at H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur West - Mustang/
Chickasha. Interstate 44 is four miles to the west of this point.
(Photo taken 4/11/03)
OK 76 North approaching OK 130. There is one error on this
sign: Newcastle is signed as being two separate words. Now, if
this was in Delaware, then that would be correct. But, in Oklahoma,
it ain't. (Photo taken 2/13/04)
OK 76 North at OK 130 East. (Photo taken 2/13/04)
OK 76 South at OK 130 East. This is the western terminus of OK
130, a 3-mile-long connector route between OK 76 and U.S. 62/
U.S. 277 in Newcastle. (Photo taken 8/24/02)

OK 37, east of Tuttle

"JCT OK 37" and "END OK 76" signs as OK 76 North
approaches OK 37. The stoplight at OK 37 is just ahead.
(Top photo taken 8/24/02, bottom photo taken 2/13/04)
OK 76 North at OK 37. There are no directional signs for OK
37 present. (Photo taken 2/13/04)
OK 76 South assurance shield just south of OK 37. OK 130 is
three miles ahead. (Photo taken 2/13/04)
OK 37 East at OK 76 South. OK 37 will merge with Interstate 44
in about three miles. (Photo taken 8/24/02)
OK 37 West at OK 76 South. The next intersection ahead for those
continuing on OK 37 West is OK 4 in four miles. (Photo taken